Sunday, February 19, 2017

OVD018 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Un nouveau pied pour Noël (feat. Pierre Vervloesem)

Covert art by A.L.

OVD018 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Un nouveau pied pour Noël (feat. Pierre Vervloesem)

After the fabulous OPV007OPV010 and OVD003, this is another gift from Les Boucles Absurdes! 
Broken Leg features Seesayle on vocals. The rest of the album is again absurd loops put together by J-P Jonckheere and magistrally mixed by wizard Pierre Vervloesem.
Like always with Les Boucles, you know where a track starts but you never know where it goes and ends! 
Bizarre for some, genius for others! I tend to say: genius!

Digital release on the 20th of February 2017.

Track listing:

1: Broken Leg (feat. Seesayle)
2: C'est la mousson, pt. 1
3: C'est la mousson, pt. 2
4: Kenavo
5: Lays
6: Un nouveau pied pour Noël

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ODG065 : Ben Bertrand / Era - Area

ODG065 : Ben Bertrand / Era - Area

Ben Bertrand is a Brussels-based bass clarinetist who evolved in the Belgian contemporary/classical scene. 
He imagined a device that enables him to transform the natural sound of his instrument into electronic ones, allowing him to create loops and orchestrations for solo performance. 
For his first EP, Era/Area, he arranged a collection of themes drawn from a wide range of places and ages – from a pygmy song to an ancient crusaders' melody dedicated to the lost Jerusalem passing by a Gavin Bryars's piece – merging them into a subtle, fascinating and hypnotic musical object.

Ben Bertrand

Pygmy song video:

digital release on the 15th of February 2017.

Track listing:

1) Pygmy song (Anonymous)
2) Partial Truths (Page one) (Evan Ziporyn, 1999) 
3) Planctus for Jerusalem (Anonymous, 1245)
4) Lauda for bass clarinet and drone (Gavin Bryars, 2009)

Friday, February 10, 2017

ODG064 : H.Soror / Live in Kyiv at Mezzanine Club

ODG064 : H.Soror / Live in Kyiv at Mezzanine Club

H.Soror is an instrumental trio formed in 2014 and based in Kyiv. 
This unusual trio, consisting of one guy on sax and two girls on the rhythm section, is widely influenced by their very large musical tastes: from folk and early jazz, through psychedelic 60-70s to doom and electronic music... which finally sounds a bit like a proto post no wave band.
After playing a few live sets and recording 2 EPs, H.Soror was described as one of the most interesting formation in the Ukrainian underground scene. 
"Live in Kyiv" was recorded in the summer of 2015 in  the Mezzanine Club while splitting the night with the Gamardah Fungus band. 
To record those five tracks live was a good way to have a good sounds, plus it represents so well what they are and with what power they play! The songs are a ‘catch-the-moment’ ideas.
2 girls - Natasha Pirogova on drums (also in Krobak) + Natasha Steel on bass for a dark raw powerful rhythmic parts and Mykola Lebed on sax (also in Selma)to add a subtle Morphine kind of textures to the songs.

Not to be missed if they play live near your place.

 Mykola, Natasha and natasha

Digital release on the 10th of February 2017.

Track listing:

1: Tyburn Tree
2: Molotova
3: Green Jam
4: My Anchor
5: Kangaroo Seeds

Thursday, February 2, 2017

ODG063 : John Franek / La Mer dans le ciel

Cover art by A.L.

ODG063 : John Franek / La mer dans le ciel

John Franek is a pianist and composer who continuously searches for and creates new sonic expressions within the acoustic and electronic worlds.

Though classically trained from a very young age and mostly composing now modern classical pieces for piano solo, string quartet or full orchestra, John Franek has been since a long time a fan of electronic music. He has composed 4 electronic concerto and many small electronic pieces, going from pure drone music to pure ambient tracks. 

John premiered his Concerto for Keyboard & Strings with the Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey on July 10th, 2016 with Maestro Robert Butts conducting and with John as the soloist.  Since then he has also performed in the baroque orchestra’s summer chamber music series as a soloist, performing works across genres; including his own works as well as Mozart’s piano sonata no.8. John has performed across New Jersey and has had premieres across the east coast as well as Europe. John has released three albums, two under the pseudonym Exordium and one with his piano duet Helix 2. 
In an exclusive interview with Rider news about his work and accomplishments, John stated that, “There’s that invisible string that connects all of us”, and he still strives in his music to shape sound in a way that will similarly shape the listener’s, broadening their understanding and appreciation of the sound world.

“One of the great pleasures of conducting is discovering great young artists. Working with John Franek has been one of those great pleasures. Musically, he breathes with the music, bringing it to life and interpreting the very heart of the work. His compositions are rewarding to me on several levels – most notably they are emotionally very moving and satisfying…They are works one wants to hear – and in my case conduct – over and over." 
     Maestro Robert W. Butts, Conductor- Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey

La Mer dans le Ciel is a completely ambient album in the Eno tradition. The best way to enjoy it is to play it quietly like it is a part of the place where you stand.

John Franek

You can visit his site here.

Digital release on the 3rd of February 2017.

Track listing:

1: Coquillage nuage
2: Bisou d'eau
3: Parapluie
4: Sillage
5: La fille polaire
6: Serein
7: Plutôt pluvieux

Thursday, January 26, 2017

ODG062 : Drawings in sound / 161 ep

Cover art by Youri Van Uffelen

ODG062 : Drawings in sound / 161 ep

Drawings in sound is a platform for research, experimentation and exploration of concepts in electronic music. This first selection of 6 tracks is extracted from improvisation sessions based on an old casio and a korg x-911. 
Music Youri Van Uffelen defines as 'from slow tone-bending ambient to dance music for lost souls with attention deficit disorder’.

Since 1996 Youri Van Uffelen (Antwerp) makes music and soundscapes for theater, comic novels, art installations, film... 
Thanks to his studies in audiovisual arts, he is inclined to think in images, resulting in atmospheric music that tells its own story.

music and artwork by Youri Van Uffelen
mastering by Francesco Donadello

A nice review in Flemish in Luminous Dash.

A video for 'Pulse':

Digital release on the 27th of January 2017.

Track listing:

01 Felt
02 Decay
03 Pulse
04 Slept
05 Saw
06 Released

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Stilll Label

Before I started Off, Jérôme Deuson and myself released 15 albums under the label Stilll.
Listening back to them recently I still enjoyed them the same way than years ago, and as they were the precursors for Off to become what it is today, I wanted to share that music again to all of you who missed it at the time.
There is now a Bandcamp page dedicated to those albums.
All of them will be available in the near future.
Meanwhile here are already a bunch of them:

Holiday for Strings / CD :

Immune / The Sound Inside :

A Perfect Friend / APF :

Costa Music / Lighter Subjects :

De Portables / Topless is More :

Stilllysm / Various Artists :